Energy Management Ltd.,

The first Energy Service Company (ESCO) in Belize. Our mission is to help clients save money and reduce energy consumption.


We offer a 4 principal types of services. Energy Performance Contracting is an arrangement where, through a retrofit project, we make your organization more energy efficient and then you repay us by sharing your energy savings with us.


Lighting Installations are done subsequent to a lighting inspection. We aim to optimise your lighting while meeting your lighting standards and your budget. Energy Audits involve a study of your energy consumprion and subsequent recommendations for energy-efficient measures to be taken by you. Electrical Troubleshooting involves observatory check ups and / or testiing to resolve electrical issues within your building.  


Energy Management Ltd supplies and installs a wide range of energy efficient induction, LED and solar power lighting, We are distributors for Amko Solara, Phillips and FSL brands, and an agent for Chromagen - the industry-leader in solar water heater equipment.


All our products are CE or UL certified, come with manufacturer warranties. 


Studies have shown that businesses and homes can save up to 50% on their energy bills, as well as cut maintenance costs by ‘going LED'.


By installing solar water heaters, additional energy savings can be achieved. We can help.

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